Welcome to the World War II History Project.  Although much has been written about World War II, many incredible personal experiences of the war are going unrecorded as thousands of World War II veterans pass every day.  My mission, alone and in partnership with other amateur historians, is to record and preserve stories of valor in order to enlarge the understanding of current and future generations.  I hope you are moved by some of the fascinating people and the stories of them you find here, and are inspired to honor veterans in your family and neighborhood for their sacrifices on your behalf.  Thank you to all the veterans who bravely served!  Your sacrifice is appreciated more than words can say.


Mystery on Iwo Jima

A dead combat photographer. A Marine who survives two long days wounded in a hole before someone finds him. An envelope full of pictures with no return address.
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Survivors sought!

Is there anyone who survived being taken prisoner of war by the Russians in Prague in May 1945?
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82nd Airborne Paratroopers

Rare photos of some of our bravest warriors
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