Spring 2018

The Mission

Bring two World War II Veterans – one British and one German – who took part in the fierce fighting in Tunisia 75 years ago, and who are now best friends, together again. Their moving annual reunion – first in England, then in Normandy – will be filmed for a mini-documentary for the public and for students learning about World War II.

No longer enemies, Graham and Charley have become as close as brothers. Their friendship is deeply rooted in honor and respect, and demonstrates peace in action.

There is not much time left – this may be the last opportunity we ever have to preserve this unique and moving story for future generations. Won’t you please help us ensure their story of reconciliation and comradeship lives beyond their deaths?

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Contingency Plans

We know that with our veterans in their mid-90’s, things can happen. Here’s our contingency plan:

  • If one veteran can no longer travel, we will travel and film with one veteran.
  • If neither veteran can travel, we will still put together the mini-documentary and curriculum with existing footage from previous years (our total goal will be reduced accordingly).
  • In the worst case scenario:
    • For perks involving customization from or contact with the veteran(s), we will refund the amount paid minus any platform/credit card fees.
    • For perks not involving customization from or contact with the veteran(s), there will be no refunds.

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