Unpaid Internships for Undergraduate and Graduate Students:

Since 2010, our non-profit, the World War II History Project, has collected over 185 interviews (over 500 hours of video) with World War II veterans, in addition to various primary source materials, in English, French and German (in total, over 6 TB of documentation).  Now we need your help to bring these stories to the public.

We are offering unpaid internships for History, French and German students transcribing and translating video interviews with American, British, French and German WW2 veterans, as well as their letters, journals, and first-hand accounts.  We also have hundreds of French Resistance Files with correspondence that needs to be transcribed and translated.

In addition, we have additional needs for Video Production interns as well as Website and Communication/Social Media interns.

These internships are virtual/remote, so we are flexible with the number of hours you work per week, as well as when you work.  Starting and ending dates are flexible.  We can tailor-design the internship to your specific interests, especially if you would like credit (see below).

However, we expect to be in regular phone contact with you to offer guidance, resolve problems, and receive your feedback.  We will require you to meet with us per Skype for one hour per week (potentially with multiple interns) to review your progress and discuss what you’ve learned, which direction you’d like to move in, and your ideas.

We are happy to work with Career Services at your university if you would like to receive credit for the internship.

Send your resume and cover letter to Heather at info at  Thanks!

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