Robert Sweatt – B-24 Gunner & Evader – Shelburn

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Robert and Mary SweattBob Sweatt was a B-24 gunner in the lead 389th Bomb Group plane, TROUBLE, on January 7, 1944 as it and 5 other B-24’s crashed southwest of Paris.  Bob was the only survivor of his plane.  Luckily, he managed to land safely and be taken in by French farmers shortly before German troops arrived and started searching for him.  Eventually Bob was moved through the Underground to Paris and an British Intelligence MI9 escape line set up by French Canadians who volunteered to be dropped behind enemy lines to help rescue downed aviators.  After more than two months on the ground, Bob and other allied aviators were moved to Brittany, where they were rescued in the deep of the night from a beach by a secret British Motor Gun Boat operation.

Bob was sent to Florida to train new gunners, and met and married his wife Mary.  After raising five children, and living a life of service, they are enjoying retirement.

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