Ron Nash – Cavalry Pearl Harbor – B-17 Pilot – 390th Bomb Group – POW

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Ron Nash

Ron Nash POW Memorial

Ron Nash POW Memorial Miramar

Ron Nash was stationed on Hawaii in a cavalry unit during the Pearl Harbor attack and volunteered for the Army Air Corps. He became a B-17 pilot and was shot down on his 30th mission, over Hamburg. He broke his back when he landed, and seeing as he had just bombed the city, he had an unfriendly welcome from the local townspeople. He was rescued by German military units and recovered in the hospital before being becoming a POW.

Date of Interview: March 20, 2011

Interviewer: Heather Steele

Affiliation: Old Bold Pilots Oceanside

Transcribed: Yes

Format: Standard Definition Video

Length: 97 minutes

Ron’s obituary

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