A Small Sample of Stories Collected


1st Special Service Force (Black Devils)

Joe Glass

4th Infantry Division

Chris Zazas – Came in on Utah Beach

82nd Airborne Paratroopers

Ted Bachenheimer

Fred Baldino

Renau Breard

Albert Clark

101st Airborne Paratroopers

Hans Tuch (Ritchie Boy)

Army Air Corps Pilots

Rod Braswell- B-24 pilot in Italy

Bob Cardenas – Bailed out over Lake Constance and Survived to Tell the Tale

Bob Cozens –  B-17 pilot, 95th Bomb Group

Ed Davidson – B-17 Pilot, 96th Bomb Group

Geb Gebhard – B-24 Pilot, 389th Bomb Group

Charles Huebsch- P-38 Photo Reconnaisance Pilot in New Guinea

Ray Kessler – P-39, P-38, and P-51 pilot in the Pacific

Sam Lutz – P-47 Tactical Pilot in Europe

Robert MacGregor- B-29 pilot in the Pacific

James McGahee – B-24 pilot in the 389th Bomb Group

Bud Miller- P-38 ace in Europe

Ed Miller – B-24 pilot in the 93rd Bomb Group

Ron Nash – B-17 Pilot and ex-POW in Germany

Bob Schellhous-P-38 pilot, Aleutians

Bob Sternfels – B-24 pilot, Took Part in Low-Level Ploesti Raid

Jay Walker – B-17 pilot, 384th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force

Army Air Corps Gunners

Robert Sweatt– B-24, 389th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force

Richard Vogenitz- B-29 Gunner, Pacific


Iwo Jima

Jim Scotella-28th Regiment, Fifth Marine Division


Lee Case


Amphibious Beach Assault

Michael Kapnas – LST Commander

Bob Watson– Beachmaster, Omaha Beach, D-Day

Naval Aviators

Fred “Buck” Dungan – Nighfighter in the Pacific

Bill Hardy – Ace in a Day fighting Kamikazes over Okinawa

Ed Iglesias

Swede Vejtesa – Credited with Three Zeros while Piloting a SBD Dauntless Divebomber

Naval Gunners

Art Mercer– Doolittle Raid, Guadalcanal, Savo, Salerno, Inchon

Scouts & Raiders

Richard Lyon – First Navy Seal Admiral – Bullfrog 1

Underwater Demolitions Teams (UDT)

Angelo Chatas – first man on Utah Beach D-Day invasion



Ken Wallis

Eric Brown

Jeff Watkins

Sherwood Rangers Tank Regiment

Stan Cox

Bert Jenkins

David Render

John Semken, C.B., M.C.

Graham Stevenson


Doug Best

French Resistance (With the Kind Help of French Historian Dominique Lecomte)

Anne Ropers

Marguerite Pierre

Rene Loiseau

Germans from the Following Units

24th Infantry Division

7th Panzer Division

11th Panzer Division

16th Panzer Division

21st Panzer Division

24th Panzer Division



HG Fallschirmjaeger Panzer Division

Jagdgeschwader 1

Jagdgeschwader 2

Jagdgeschwader 3

Jagdgeschwader 4

Jagdgeschwader 5

Jagdgeschwader 11

Jagdgeschwader 54

Jagdgeschwader 105

Kampfgeschwader 10

Kampfgeschwader 53

Kampfgeschwader 55

Nachtjagdgeschwader 2

Nachtjagdgeschwader 6

Schlachtgeschwader 1

Schlachtgeschwader 2

Schlachtgeschwader 10

U-Boot U-510


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