Graham Stevenson – El Alamein – Normandy – Sherwood Rangers

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Graham StevensonGraham Stevenson joined when he was 16 and served in Africa, including El Alamein, from ages 17 – 19 with the Sherwood Rangers Tank Regiment. Along with tankmate Ken Ewing, Graham fought against Karl Friedrich Koenig at the Mareth Line, in Tunisia. After returning to England, the Sherwood Rangers Tank Regiment trained in the Sherman DD swimming tanks for the invasion of Normandy. Graham came in on Gold Beach and was seriously wounded in hedgerow fighting on his first day in Normandy. He was evacuated back to England, and after a long time in recovery, was demobilized.

Ken Ewing and Karl Friedrich Koenig became friends in the 1990’s and both connected with Graham in the 2000’s. They all remained close until Ken passed away in 2010, and Charley passed in September 2020.

Graham passed away on January 3, 2021. We shall never forget him, and remember him with fondness always.


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