Heinrich Timpe – SPG’s – Sturmgeschuetze – Knight’s Cross

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Heinrich Timpe & charleyHeinrich Timpe served in Self-Propelled Guns (SPG’s) in the 1. Kompanie, Heeres-Sturmbeschuetz-Brigade 300. He was wounded 11 times in combat, and won the German Cross in Gold. A recommendation for the highest order of bravery, the Knight’s Cross, was submitted and approved, however, due to the chaotic situation at the end of the war in Germany, Heinrich did not receive his Knight’s Cross.

After the war he joined the West Germany army – the Bundeswehr – where he was involved in the instruction of German and NATO troops. He retired with the rank of colonel, became a military journalist in his retirement, and wrote his memoirs shortly before his death in 2015.

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Date of Interview: November 18, 2011

Language: German

Interviewers: Heather Steele

Format: Standard Definition Video

Length: 115 minutes

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