The World War II History Project

“Truth is incontrovertible, ignorance can deride it, panic may resent it, malice may destroy it, but there it is.”

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How We Work

WWII Research Services

Free One-Hour Videoconference or Phone Call

Assessing Your Needs

We'll spend an hour first finding out what you need, answering your questions, and deciding if and how we can help you.


Written Estimate

Time Involved

We will send you an estimate with the hours we estimate it will take to complete your task. You sign it, return it, and send a 60% deposit up front.


Completing The Work

Your Deliverable

We will conduct the research and/or translation you need, staying in close communication. We will not exceed our estimate without written authorization from you.


Final Delivery

Receiving Your Files

Once the job is complete, you'll send over the final payment, and we will transfer the files electronically to you, with a phone call or teleconference if additional explanation is necessary.



When an archive allows us, we use our Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 overhead scanner, for most archival documents. It  produces high-quality, color, eminently-readable 600 dpi .jpgs and .pdfs.

Archives which allow the ScanSnap include:

  • the US National Archives, NARAII, in College Park, Maryland
  • the Air Force Historical Research Agency on Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, Alabama
  • various regional archives and libraries.




We use flatbed scanners for photographs and negatives , which we scan at 600, 1200, or 2400 dpi.

Our Rates

Valid Until July 2023
  • Office Research
  • $ 54 hour
    • Individualized Consulting
    • Archival Catalog Research
    • Background Topic Research
    • Calls Explaining Documents
    • Research Organization (Spreadsheets)
    • Translation of OCR-readable documents
    • Research in the Bundeswehr University Library
  • Archival Research
  • from $ 72 hour*
    • Planned-Bundled Research Trips
    • 600 dpi Color Document Scanning
    • 600-2400 dpi Color Photograph and Negative Scanning
    • Specialized Research Using On-Site Only Finding Aids
    • *International and Exclusive Trips May Cost More
  • German&French-English Handwritten or Other Text Translation
  • from $ 0.17 word**
    • Non-OCR texts in Latin script
    • Articles/Documents Requiring Specialized Translation
    • **Suetterlin Texts May Cost More Depending on Readability**